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Gordy Wright A Howling hoard of arising talent

April 14, 2014

Fishinkblog 7472 Gordy Wright 1

I recently came across the work of Gordy Wright, a young illustrator who’s just finishing at university this year. I was impressed at how professional and inspirational his work was and already ‘carved’ with his own personal style. I got in touch to find out more.

How did you first get involved with Illustration and what are your first memories of drawing, painting and being an artist ?

I first got involved in illustration on my art foundation,  I had deluded myself I wanted to be a graphic designer (??) however luckily I came to the realisation that all my art work was illustrative and so applied to study illustration at uni. I was raised by two very creative parents so art has always been a big thing for me, I can remember drawing a whole new set of pokemon characters, which unfortunately never made the big time and later on, when I first started painting, I did quite a few pet portraits for people of their beloved (but now deceased) dogs.

Fishinkblog 7483 Gordy Wright 12

You’re presently at Uni studying Illustration (studio space above). How is that going and what processes and new techniques are capturing your attention at the moment ? 

I am at Bristol UWE studying illustration (which is going great thanks for asking),  I’ve got a couple of months left so I’m starting to feel like a small bird about to be kicked out of the nest ! Collagraphy is becoming a highly influential process for my way of working as its so quick and gets so many nice textures.

Fishinkblog 7484 Gordy Wright 13

” The stone giant project was a kind of self reflection image of myself that I had imagined in my head for quite a while. You may well have guessed that I love drawing animals and I’m a keen lover of all of the natural world, so I just wanted to visualise that for my own pleasure.”

Fishinkblog 7482 Gordy Wright 11

Who are your influences in the art world ? 

In terms of influences I think working in a studio full of other like minded creative people has a big impact on my work. But from the top of my head some illustrators that I really love include Jon Klassen, Shaun Tan, Brian WIldsmith, Anne Herbauts and Robert Hunter just to name a small few.

Here’s a few more figure inspired images, one of Icarus, a Coral man and wire printed figure.

Fishinkblog 7473 Gordy Wright 2

I love these amazing watercoloury /scratchy images and think how well they portray your subject matter.

Can you explain a little about your wolf  and prehistoric projects. How did they come about and where did you source your inspiration from ?

My wolf is part of a narrative called ‘Amaruq’ in which I explored the culture of wolves through printmaking. I watched a lot of documentaries about wolves and was also interested in man’s relationship with them. The name Amaruq (sometimes called Amarok or Amaroq) comes from Inuit mythology about a gigantic wolf who would hunt down anyone foolish to hunt at night….

Fishinkblog 7476 Gordy Wright 5 Fishinkblog 7477 Gordy Wright 6 Fishinkblog 7481 Gordy Wright 10

I love this idea of the wolf being a kind of aboriginal art form, perhaps with it’s killings portrayed inside it’s stomach. Great sense of movement and colouration too.

Fishinkblog 7485 Gordy Wright 14

” … The prehistoric influences came from looking through as many books as I could get out of the library on cave painting and primitive art as there’s so many amazing drawings and compositions that I really wanted to channel into my own projects.”

Fishinkblog 7478 Gordy Wright 7

What medium do you most like to work with ?

I love working through print to get shapes and textures and combining that with inks and watercolours and then juggling it all together digitally on photoshop. I use sketchbooks often, everyday in fact.

Fishinkblog 7479 Gordy Wright 8

What would be your most prized art possession ?

I’ve got a really sweet collection of books going some of which are signed by some amazing illustrators (like Rob Hunter, Isabel Greenberg and Jon Klassen) but I think my most prized piece of art is a print I swapped with my friend R Rowland ( of a guy with tribal tattoos with a great bum.

Fishinkblog 7475 Gordy Wright 4

Future aims /projects and places or companies you would like to work with ?

My future aims would be to finish one of my picture book narratives and get it published, that would be really good I think. I think I’d enjoy smelling my own book.

Fishinkblog 7480 Gordy Wright 9

These wonderful illustrations of the humpback reminded me of the first kate bush song I heard from her first LP (as it was back then) simply called ‘Moving’.

Fishinkblog 7474 Gordy Wright 3

You can hear it here.

Tremendous work Gordy, I wish you all the very best with your graduation this year and hope the decent from the nest won’t feel as much like falling, but more like gliding. Enjoy the onward flight : )

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  1. April 14, 2014 8:01 am

    Really enjoyed Gordy’s work. Especially love the buffalo with wolves closing in.

    • April 14, 2014 8:18 am

      Thanks Tanya, he does have a great way of expressing these animals instincts and habits.

  2. April 14, 2014 9:42 pm

    A truly stunning article

    • April 15, 2014 7:42 am

      Hi Sophie, thanks for your comment. I see there are some similarities in your own artwork : ) Always good to hear when a post is liked. Cheers

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