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Tom Duxbury Contemporary Illustration of times gone by

June 25, 2018

Tom Duxbury has been an artist since the age of four when he first remembers painting the sky, sea and the land in a school art lesson. Growing up in Yorkshire not far from Bingley, he feels those early years, surrounded by the northern hills, have never wandered far from where his true heart lies. Although nowadays he’s based in Chesterfield and works in Sheffield, his work still often tells stories of rural landscapes.

He studied in Leeds College of Art taking a foundation year there and enjoyed it much more than the illustration degree he did at Brighton. Afterwards he headed back to the Yorkshire hills to reconnect with the landscapes he loves so much. Tom works using lino-cutting techniques to create his illustrations.

Doing initial preparatory sketches to decide where the colours will lie and to perfect his curves, pathways and illustration layout.

By his mid twenties Tom had already created book covers for Vintage Classics, drawn chapter headings for A Little History of Science,  and illustrated a book for Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate.

Tom’s graphic, strong style is characteristic of linocutting — a printmaking technique using sculpted linoleum that was associated with the modern Vorticist movement at the beginning of the 20th century.

“My first problem was falling in love with a process that was so dated,” Tom says. “The sculptural process of lino printing is so integral to my image-making technique, because you can express so much in it. Because you’re carving, it just feels like you’re putting all your emotion into it.”

Below (top left) is his homage to E.Nesbit’s The Railway Children and the others covers are for James Herriot’s famous books about the Yorkshire Vet and countryside, like ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

More info about Tom here on “The City Talking” blog. Great work Tom !


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