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Stig Lindberg More ceramics

July 25, 2017

I have written before about the wealth of ceramics produced by the talented Stig Lindberg, and as I keep coming across more and more previously unseen pieces, I feel it is time to welcome Stig back into the Fishink blog fold once again!

I came across a fair few of Stig’s drawings. Some of them are quite clearly early ideas for ceramic pieces, which were developed later.

Themes appear again and again. Heraldry, horses, double heads, couples or siblings, mythology and make believe.

I wonder whether these were painted from dreams or just some crazy random thoughts.

Also interesting to see that the same plaque would be painted in different ways. Was this perhaps to make the ceramics feel more unique, to make the range look more varied or merely to keep the artists who painted them all day long, from getting bored lol

See below, how the knight on horseback develops from a drawing into ceramic tiles.

Again the rider appears, and in a variety of colours too.

More double heads.

There is something peaceful and joyous about Stig’s work.

His work has gone on to influence so many.

I love these shapes, the curvy elephant with the Ali-baba slippers lol

More visually pleasing shapes with textural repeat patterning.

Figurines I’d not previously seen. I love mister bluebird here…

And of course some beautiful all over patterns. Such a talented guy.

What is your fav ? please share, comment and help spread the Fishink blog. Thank you









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