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Manchester Blogmeet with Kate Feld and the Lowry’s Kate Farrell

July 28, 2010

Last night I attended my first ever Blogmeet hosted by the lovely writer, editor and blogger Kate Feld

who runs Manchesters’ fascinating online  version of  What’s On,

what’s happening and who’s alive and kicking that were all bothered about, called Manchizzle !

Not knowing what to expect from a room full of Bloggers (or are they Blogies ?)

I was happily surprised at the variety of people’s backgrounds and the warmth

and friendliness that I received. An added bonus was the brief talk by Kate Farrell,

(The Lowry’s Curator of Special Exhibitions) on their recent commission

of the photographer Spencer Tunick for the exhibition called ‘Everyday People’.

They originally considered he would come to the Lowry and take shots of a naked audience

in one of their theatre spaces. When Tunick came to Manchester, sometime last january,

he explored the surrounding areas for two days, and ended up creating about 12 pieces

over about 8 sites in Manchester and Salford over a two day period.

Kate said that the whole thing was logistical nightmare,

as she was responsible for cutting through all the red tape, with Manchester and

Salfords’ councils and police forces and it was only a few hours prior to the event happening,

that the last paper had been signed to allow it all to happen !.

They had needed about 1,000 volunteers and had been

overwhelmed by over 4,000 interested naked artlovers that responded.

The results are on show at the lowry until Sept 26th 2010.

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