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Top Trump, I-spy a Ladybird !

August 2, 2010

Being a kid in the 60’s and 70’s was all about amassing things. There seemed to be an unwritten law

that you weren’t cool unless you were involved in some form of collecting, bargaining or swopping.

I remember the early days being I-spy or Ladybird books,

or were you a Secret Seven or Famous Five kinda child ?

I collected postage stamps, football and motor racing cards, in fact sticker books with anything on them,

as long as it had a piece of that hard flat , pretty tasteless, pink rectangle of gum in the packet.

Pin Badges, sew on badges, even 25 metre silver medal swimming badges,

which we’d ask our mums to sew onto our caps, hats, tank tops etc.

Top Trumps, Toy cars, Board games (bored games ?) etc

Before the dawn of computers and laptops, PSP’s, i-pads and pods we entertained ourselves

or heavens forbid, our friends with some social interaction called ‘playing out’.

What did you collect ?

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  1. ssarahlou permalink
    August 3, 2010 9:23 pm

    Haunted house was my all time fave. You will b pleased 2 know the kids of 2day still have the collecting bug. My fave 2010 collection are the gogoes (not sure I have spelt that correctly : o / ) beats the dreaded footie cards any day.

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