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PAD, Purveyors of Gorgeous Paraphernalia.

August 11, 2010

One of the first places to purchase some Fishink Notebooks was PAD.

Situated at 105 Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester (Opposite Unicorn),

it’s a lovely mix of home accessories, garden gadgets, jewellery, lighting, cards, art and much more.

The two owners that run the place are Darren and David and they’re great smiley guys

always ready to help or advise.  I asked Darren a few quick questions about the shop and it’s background.

Where did the name come from?

Well it’s Pad as in ‘home’, I wanted to start somewhere that was gifty with a home-ware slant.

The whole idea developed after we did some smalltime house developments in the area,

I was renovating the interiors of the properties  and suddenly realised that I had an interest and

a keen eye for home accessories and the idea grew from there.

How long has PAD been around ?..

About four years now, we started with ideas in 2006 and we lived in Chorlton, liked the area

and thought it would be just the right place for our new venture.

What makes PAD different ?…

We’re mostly homeware based but with some jewellery and cards so it’s an unusual mix, I like to try

and source products that are fresh to the area and keep the stock changing

so that there’s always something new for people to find in the shop.

What would you say is your best seller just now ?…

Funnily enough it’s cake stands, old and new styles, they’re selling, well literally like hot cakes lol

Perhaps it’s connected to the present trend of having cup cakes for weddings, gatherings or

just to do some home baking. There’s also a little cake shop around the corner that might

encourage that market too (see here.)

So much to choose from, hey you can also pick up a wee Banksy !

I even managed to spot a few familiar notebooks as I looked around.

Thanks again guys for your support and putting up with my questions ha ha,

and if you Fishinkblog readers are in the area do pop in and say hi and that you saw this here.

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