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Liverpool Revisited and Alice Melvin

August 21, 2010

Today I spent a few hours looking around Liverpool. It used to be my ‘stomping ground’

when I was in my early twenties and I have fond memories of the place.

It has changed quite dramatically since 2008 when it won the City of Culture award

and gained much needed revenue to revitalise and re-nourish this artistically charged community.

There are changes both good and bad. Good in the shape of clean modern architecture and bad

when some of the memories I had invested with buildings that are no longer in existence.

Development at a price I guess. Overall I like the changes, and it’s still a buzzy and creative city.

Albert Docks

One of the land and sea loving Yellow Duck Marine Vehicles.

Quiggins Shopping Centre for Punks, Moshers, Emos, Hoodies and everyone inbetween !.

The ‘new’ Probe Records. I remember the old one where Pete Burns from the 80’s pop group

Dead or Alive‘ used to work. Spikey hair, blacked out covers to his eyes, he was a real crowd puller lol

Nowdays the buzz and edge have gone and it’s situated next door to Cath Kidston, how times change.

Maritime themed sign post.

Picasso Exhibition on at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool 21 May until August 30th 2010.

Beautiful work from Alice Melvin from Edinburgh at the Tate Gallery Bookshop.

More about her work here and more Liverpool news tomorrow.

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