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Inspiration … what works for you ?

September 20, 2010

This beautiful piece of Quilling is by Yulia Brodskaya.

I am always interested in the process of inspiration when it comes to creative areas.

Everyone can have differing views on what an artists’ intent or meaning may be

behind an illustration or piece of art and equally each artist, based on their life

experiences and influences, could approach the same starting subject for a painting,

from many different angles which would then alter the outcome of the piece.

What do you do when you get ‘stuck’ and feel uninspired ? What inspires people

to work in different ways ? and more importantly, where do people go

to find their initial inspiration ?

Here are some helpful sites and people who have contributed their thoughts already.

Bruce Mau wrote this in 1998 about how to let your mind grow, keep open and

allow it to think differently.

Chapter 19 is a fun site that fires random words at you to use as possible starting points.

Some word choices even suggest their own possible inspirational methods !

Colour Stripes site gives us another way to look at gathering colours that work together.

Jan over at PoppyTalk has created a Flickr site to inspire people with nature.

Nate Williams talks about trying to find work as a freelance illustrator , he even interviews

fellow illustrator Calef Brown in an article here to ask what inspires him.

Usually when I reach a stage when I feel ‘stuck’  I often look back at old sketchbooks

at pieces of work I may have abandoned or doodles i’d done and then forgotten and often

I will think again about them in a fresh way. Other times I need to get away from looking

at the artwork directly in order to allow my mind to open up to other possible ideas

and hopefully it will then …

Comments welcome.

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