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October 3, 2010

I recently purchased a favourite print I’d seen from Alice Melvin’s online shop.

Although mine had a special addition, and look at the beautiful way it arrived.

I’ve been chatting recently to Alice and she very kindly let me into a few secrets

about the projects she’s working on at this time, that I’m able to share with you.

” There’s a new book that I’m working on with The Tate. It is going to be called

The High Street, and features a girl with a whimsical shopping list of 10 items

as she visits 10 traditional high street shops (bakers, sweetshop, pet shop etc.)

The book contains throw out pages that allow you to peer behind the fronts of the shops

and see everything that is going on behind the scenes. It is requiring a monumental

amount of detail and so is a project that has assumed epic proportions for me

and much eye strain! ”  Here’s a sneak preview of one of the shop fronts.

The book looks to be a great idea but unfortunately we will have to wait until next September

before it’s available in our shops. In the meantime Alice has projects ongoing, working with

the National Galleries of Scotland designing new ranges of merchandise for their shop and

she’s creating her first textile designs for a childrens’ seating company, also in Edinburgh.

You can buy a whole host of finely illustrated products from Alice’s online shop here.

I’d also mentioned her work on a previous blog when I visited The Tate in Liverpool.

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