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Soap…. not the TV variety!

January 9, 2011

I recently watched an episode of a series about people trying to live and work in the

Victorian age and run a farm (see here). The main woman in the programme made

soap using animal fats and it made think about what that would smell like and how

it might be packaged, of course it would later be perfumed to make it more desirable !

Until the early 1900’s, much of the soap used was made at home. Fats from cooking and butchering were

saved until there was enough to make a batch of soap. This all changed in 1916 when a shortage of fats

(a main ingredient in soap) occurred during World War I. As an alternative was needed, enterprising

companies developed the first synthetic soaps called detergents.

I did a little browsing on the net about vintage and modern soap packaging and came up with these.

Some lovely designs and fun packaging for getting clean.

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