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Searching for Hutchings in 1969.

February 8, 2011

I came across an illustration from this lovely 1969 Annual on Flickr posted by Buglady 1104

and the illustrator was just listed as ‘Hutchings’.

I started to look into who this might be and came across the name of Gordon Hutchings

on Steve Holland’s site. Whether this is the same Hutchings or not he was a great artist

himself and also had a talented family of artists too. It’s possible, as he’s worked on some

Classics like Mickey Mouse Weekly, Sooty and The Magic Roundabout. I thought it was

funny to see how easily the internet can sidetrack you from one illustrator to another and

take you on a quick visual journey, you wouldn’t have made without typing those certain

words into google !  Lovely illustration Hutchings, whoever you might be lol.

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