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Bob Wilvers revisited.

March 16, 2011

I received an email from Terry who had read my blog about the illustrator Bob Wilvers

and for those of you who missed it (tut tut) you can catch up here. At the end of the article I asked

if anyone knew of any more of Bob’s work could they let me know. Terry not only knew of his work,

but had an illustration of his own and even sent a copy so that I could show you all.

Terry explains ” I found this WC in a very rural part of Indiana and it reminds me of an area

in West Allis, Milwaukee which was a district of homes which were bars/pubs on the first floor,

and homes/apartments above on second/third floors. The signature looks a little like “williams”

but on the back printed in pencil was Bob Wilvers on an entry form to an art exhibit in Milwaukee,

so I assume this was painted well before he moved to NYC. Bob thumb-tacked the paper to a board,

you can see 6 white holes around the edges where the water flowed around.”

Such wonderful work, again with such spirit and so well observed. I’m so grateful to Terry for

sharing this beautiful piece of Wilvers’ art with us, thanks again Terry.

News Update 2017.

Another generous reader discovered my posts about Bob and sent me two pictures that he has had hanging on his living room wall, since he was a child.

Many thanks Richard, the watercolurs are wonderful, how lucky to have them on your wall.


Are there any more out there ?


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