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Hugo Colville and Annette De Mestre Two artists Together

April 19, 2011

Through a reading a great descriptive passage on a blog called Bird In The House,

I was directed to the work and curious website of Hugo Colville. It appears that Hugo lives with Neti

(Annette De Mestre) who is also an artist and they have a little studio and shop. This is Netis’ Work.

Neti says this,  ” When asked what I am trying to say with my paintbrush,

I’m embarrassed because I am not trying to say anything – I’m trying to  find something.

I believe that if I could find that something that I am looking for, then maybe –

the painting might say something – something that I had not an idea about in the first place.

In the process of painting, I worry away at the paint, pushing it here and there,

the subject matter permanently in peril of transformation or even obliteration.

The painting could end up upside down, or even sideways on.

I feel intensely that if I scrub away hard enough and work the canvas hard with my paintbrush,

I might eventually get behind the subject and the paint,

and there I might just find what I am looking for.”

This is Hugos’ work.

I like their description of the shop…….

The shop that is our Circus,   A shop that really isn’t a shop.

A shop that never really closes but never really opens.

A shop that opens most days about 9 or 10,

occasionally as early as 7,

but some days as late as 12 or 1.

It closes about  5.30 or  6,

sometimes as late as 11  or 12.

Some days we aren’t here at all.

Some days we are just empty –

thus we become sellers of nothing.

It will open if you are really desperate – at any time

What we have is a kind of shop, but not what you think.

Some days the shop is just in a box, but the box may not be in the shop.

Sometimes it’s all up together

and sometimes just a mess.

If you want to brave it

Phone Hugo and Neti :   01239 881649

Sounds like it’s worth a visit if you’re around Pembrokeshire at all.

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  1. April 19, 2011 10:47 pm

    Great work by this artist

  2. August 30, 2014 1:40 pm

    You are both amazing,not only as artists but also as human beings. I feel blessed to be able to look at some of the work in process and be part of the chaos that is life. And for you people out there,if you are looking for a really lovely remote place to spend a holiday, these two wonderful guys also can offer holiday accommodation Could it get any better than that ? .

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