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Scott Wills Animated Background Illustrator.

July 22, 2011

Scott Wills  is an amazing artist who creates illustrated backgrounds for animations.

He has received much acclaim for his work on cartoons and films alike and he has painted for such

classics as Ren and Stimpy, Flushed Away, Viking, Clone Wars, Samurai Jack and Monsters V Aliens,

to name but a few. Here’s a glimpse of him at work in the studio, surrounded by his paint pots.

It’s fascinating to see how he meticulously creates thumbnail sketch paintings to work out the colours

he’s going to use, before concentrating on the techniques he wants to create during the final painting.

These images taken from Clone Wars and Sinbad show his command of the medium he works with.

He is also a very versatile contemporary artist and for me has a feel of those old classic painters and

artists I’ve mentioned previously like Mary Blair and Eyvind Earle.

He is as happy painting a forest scene as he is a Viking town or a more futuristic setting.

He has even worked for TV commercials like this one for Nicoderm.

I get the feeling from sites such as John K’s ‘ Stuff ‘ and Amid’s ‘ Cartoon Brew ‘ that Scott has many

admirers who are people connected to the industry in which he works. Amid gave me a great pointer

to a couple of painting technique films available on You Tube and created by Scott.

more demos are available here  on You tube itself, watch and learn from the master !

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