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Fishink treats, tweets and new ceramics.

August 9, 2011

A mixed bag today as I’ve just a few items that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while.

A lovely idea for all you budding songwriters and poets would be joining Ben Watt from my fav group

Everything But The Girl. He will be giving two, day seminars in Virginia Woolfs’ Summer house

‘Charleston’ in on the 24th and 25th of September, sounds idyllic, details here.

I imagine tickets priced at just £95 per day (including lunch) will sell quickly.

Secondly, I’m totally in love with a Glasgow band I went to see by happy accident in Manchester the

other week called Laki Mera. Their new album ‘The Proximity Effect’ is a perfect mixture of 80’s synth

and clear, melodic vocals. Anyone who likes The Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush should listen here and

treat themselves to a beautiful new piece of musical escapism.

Also I’ve just added a range of vases and plates to the Craig and Tone range of Ceramics on Etsy.

They’re all individual one offs so please have a look and pass the link onto your friends through Twitter

and Facebook, don’t forget they make wonderful gifts and beautiful surprise presents too !

Finally, Tim from New Zealand messaged me yesterday to ask if he could use one of my drawings

for his twitter icon. I was happy for him to do this and he left a tweet to let everyone know

where the bird had arrived from. I think it looks rather good sitting there.  Happy Twitterings Tim !

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