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Nolan Pelletier Connecticut Illustrator of cats and collecting

August 17, 2011

Nolan Pelletier is a recently graduated Illustrator from Connecticut, currently living in Toronto.

His work has recently appeared in the New York Times and Fantasy Camp Press.

He really like cats, and his other favorite things are the 1939 NY Worlds Fair, his View-Master camera,

collecting strange old photos, Shelley Duvall, and riding his green Schwinn bicycle !

I feel his quirky style is also reminiscent of many 1950’s artists, what do you think ? These two images

are Nolans’ idea regarding events in Cat History. Great ideas.

I contacted Nolan and he kindly answered a few questions to give us a greater insight into his work.

Fishink… I’m assuming you must be about 22 as I saw on Pikaland that you’d just graduated and I see

that you’re style is quite reminiscent of 50’s illustration, is that an intentional style or just the way that

you naturally draw ? What got you interested in that era ?

Nolan… Yes I am 22! Good detective work. I really enjoy modern illustration from the 50s and 60s,

and it definitely influences my work. Throughout high school I was a big ephemera collector,

and I’ve always been fascinated with old graphics. In University I looked to wonderful old Graphis

Magazines from the 50s and 60s for inspiration. The colonial, folk, and naive art featured in those

early Graphis volumes is also a big influence, as I’m sure it was to the illustrators I admire.

Fishink… Can you describe the way you go about creating / constructing an image, the materials you

use etc … ie the processes involved, (drawing, scanning, recolouring for example)

Nolan… Me and my friends are always doodling. I don’t keep a sketchbook, but usually have piles

of loose leaf paper lying around. For finals, I start with a thumbnail of the idea, then go straight

to inking. I try to add a ton of detail in the inking stage to keep it loose. For the color, I overlay a

second sheet of paperand roughly fill in blocks of color with gouache. I combine them, and

separate the colors in Photoshop, then add a subtle print texture I grabbed from an old

Charlie Brown book.

Fishink… So whats’ the fascination with Cats all about ?

Nolan… Lol I’m an only child and had a giant furry Maine Coon Cat named Twinkle

for as long as I can remember. She was the first thing I drew, and all my old pre-school drawings

are pictures of the two of us. I guess the unhealthy obsession has just continued!

I really like Louis Wain, and Kliban Cats, and wouldn’t mind being the next “guy who draws cats”.

Many thanks for the extra information Nolan. Superb Cats !

You certainly have my vote as the next cat illustrator extroadinaire  lol

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