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Blanca Gómez. Spanish Illustrator

September 26, 2011

There’s a beautiful simplicity about the work of Blanca Gómez that reminds me of french

illustration from the fiftes and sixties. She works in Madrid and her lovely work came out of her

doodles and became her main business as her work took off and became recognised.

She says ” I’m not too certain what inspires me. I suppose that everything that surrounds me and

everything that I like inspires me inevitably. I’m a huge collector of objects and books. Picasso said

something along the lines of it being best for inspiration to find you working,

I happen to think that’s good way to put it ”

Blanca has a range of her prints in her Esty shop here. Also there’s a great interview with her over on

the wonderful Grain Edit site, read it here.

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  1. September 26, 2011 2:22 pm

    I like the work of this illustrator, really nice simplication of shapes and use of color.

    • September 26, 2011 2:28 pm

      Yes she has a wonderful eye for getting her message across in a non fussy manner. Works well.

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