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Melanie Mikecz . Colour, creativity and casual brilliance !

October 1, 2011

Melanie is a freelance illustrator.

She specializes in a mixed media style that charms children and adults alike.

Originally hailing from Wisconsin, she earned a B.F.A in Visual Communications from the Washington

University School of Art in St. Louis. Since graduating in 2004, Melanie has worked as an illustrator

and designer in Boston and London. Since returning stateside, she found herself on the West coast

where she currently lives with her husband Steve and Boston Terrier Peanut.

Melanie says “I like to consider myself a designer slash starving artist. So that means I only starve

half the time (Just kidding. I do eat). In addition to making art, I am also a dog lover and a wannabe

ballerina. I specialize in a digital mixed media technique. “What does that mean?” you ask. Well it

involves sketching, painting, drawing, scanning, Photoshopping (is that a word?), more painting,

possibly some scribbling, more scanning, washing paint out of my hair, and then finally printing on my

Epson printer. What it also means is that I have don’t have any originals to sell (boo),

only prints ” (yay!) , and her prints are available here.

I love these London images and they strongly remind me of another favourite artist Miroslav Sasek.

Melanie also creates wonderfully coloured abstracts. You can see more on her site here.

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