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Blackpool . A chance visit.

October 29, 2011

If someone said to me where would you like to go today, then I’m afraid to say that

Blackpool wouldn’t usually be very high on my list.  However a friend of mine had reason

to go there yesterday so I tagged along to see how it had changed.

I’ve never been a fan of theme park rides. Nor ‘kiss me quick’ cheap plastic bits ‘n’ pieces

that I associate with old and often ‘faded from their heyday’ seaside towns.  Blackpool from

memory, wasn’t planning on delivering any surprises to me.

But I think good fortune struck in the form of the sunshine, strong and bright and lit up the finer details

that I’ve taken here. Back in 2010 the council had spent a whopping £87 Million on a totally new

sea-front promenade, and they did a good job !  The sand coloured stone steps twist and snake

their way long the whole of the sea front, giving a beautiful set of curves that catch the sun.

We headed to Blackpool Tower which was opened to the public in 1894, and went in search of the

Tower Ballroom because the great grandfather of the friend I was travelling with, had worked

on the ceiling !  Blackpool Tower Ballroom was designed by the legendary Edwardian theatre designer

Frank Matcham and first opened its doors in 1899. It  famously features the mighty Wurlitzer Organ.

We went inside not knowing what to expect. To say elaborate would be a considerable understatement.

We we’re lucky to catch the last waltz, which was literally the last dance of the afternoon.  It did feel

quite amazing sitting in that huge space watching couples, totally lost in the music, whirling around

the floor like they would have done there for over a hundred years.  Again some lovely details.

A last walk back along the seafront and time to head home. A pleasant surprise, was had by all and

thanks for the weather, that literally made me see Blackpool in a new light ! lol.


This is how it would have looked back in the late 1890’s.

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