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Smile …. it’s a new year.

January 10, 2012

Do you find that January can sometimes be a difficult time ?  Trying to refocus on work after a long break can sometimes be tricky and I’ve passed a fair few people recently, who have long faces, who perhaps are finding being back at work, just that little bit labour-some.  Personally I’ve decided to try a different approach and in order to feel more positive, I’ve been concentrating on things that have made me smile already this year.  In the vain hope that my post may spark a reaction and make those amongst you who are heavy hearted, perhaps see things from a new perspective and explore the positives around you, here we go.

The first smile came from a recent visit to Cobham in Surrey to stay with a friend’s parents. I came across Chatley Heath Semaphore Tower which is one in a line of towers that were used to send messages from the Admiralty in London to the navy in Portsmouth. It was used from 1822-1848, and restored by Surrey County Council in 1989. Such an unusual and beautiful structure.

Cobham itself is a lovely area, albeit a little ‘plummy’ and posh, but you can’t help but revel in the age and beauty of it’s architecture.  I’ve never seen so much fresh mistletoe growing in circular bunches in the trees, and they also have a host of parakeets which squawk and twitter from the treetops everywhere you go.

Another lovely building was Cobham Mill, and I was lucky to find it in such amazing early evening light.

Another factor that been making me smile are the clouds, I took this on my way back to Manchester, what a great mix of colours and shapes.

Some of my Christmas and birthday presents also brought a grin to my face.  It’s sadly official that I’m getting old when people are buying me socks, slippers and warm PJ’s and I’m liking it …. well who would say no to some Paul Smith socks like these lol.  I even loved the Collier Campbell paper they were wrapped in.

Also this lovely rug, from the house I stayed in at new year, and a fun ceramic pot from some dutch friends, but bought from Rossoramina, Lucca, Italy.

A lovely smile maker start to the new year came out an idea from an old school friend of mine who now lives in NZ.  He suggested that four of us gather our personal Desert Island Discs (8 fav tracks of our choosing that we’d select to take to a desert island with us).  It was a hard decision to find just 8 tracks and mine, turned out to be … This Is Your Life, Banderas.  Nho Antone Escaderode, Cesaria Evora.  Downtown Lights, Annie Lennox.  Fearless, Cyndi Lauper.  Groove Is In The Heart, Deee-Lite.  The Only Living Boy In New York, Everything But The Girl.  Still, Great Lake Swimmers.  And Dream Of Sheep, Kate Bush.  My friend Chris, totally surpassed us all by creating a fab CD case and cover, taking most of the pics himself. It’s been wonderful having 4 new cd’s of friends music to listen to.

Last but not least, I smiled about 5 minutes ago at the sunset peeking at me as I typed this post. Pinks and oranges like I’ve not seen for a while.

What has made you smile this year ?

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  1. Wallace permalink
    January 10, 2012 1:05 pm

    Such a positive posting, thanks. After the atrocious storms and rain over new year in Britain, it was a joy to see a blue sky and milky, winter sunshine last weekend.

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