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Domenica More Gordon . More needle felted dogs and Archie

January 25, 2012

photo © Claire Lloyd / Domenica More Gordon

It’s almost a year ago that I first wrote about Domenica More Gordon and her beautiful needle felted dogs here.  Since then her range has broadened into greeting cards, dog kits and cut outs. Domenica uses a process called dry felting, she says ” It is very simple. You use wool in its basic form and a series of different sized felting needles. The needles have tiny hooks on the end and as you stab the needle in and out of the wool, it begins to take shape. The longer you work at it the firmer it becomes. The challenge for me is to get the feel of the dog right, not just how it looks but how it feels in your hand.”  Some of her most treasured wool comes from the sheep who graze on St Kilda and was collected by friends who picked it from the grass where the sheep graze.

Her fascination with her creations began with a desire to recreate a toy that could generate the same intense connection that she felt for some of her toys as a child.  With a painter for a father and a textile artist for a mother, it’s hardly surprising that Domenica’s talents hadn’t been realised earlier.  In trying to describe what it is that makes her work so widely appreciated she says ” I am not sure what the secret is exactly.  Looking at things, I mean really looking at something is part of all that…..also attention to detail, down to the finest point and the determination of capturing the feeling you are looking for no matter how long it takes ”

Domenica has also started illustrating books for Bloomsbury and has just signed a 3 book contract, all about a dog named Archie.

Wonderful to see the developments from last year.  If you can’t afford one of Domenica’s personally made pooches then you can still buy your own Dog Kit here on her site and take a look at some more of her woollen canine creations.

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  1. January 25, 2012 5:45 pm

    Her needle felted dogs are just exceptional!

    • January 25, 2012 5:48 pm

      Happy NY Jil, yes they deserve a book to themselves I feel.


  1. Review: Archie | A Life Spent Reading

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