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Future Travel . Boy’s Toys to Space vehicles and Green transport.

February 9, 2012

Personally the thought of watching Jeremy Clarkson effervescing, or not, over the latest batch of lad-cultured vehicles on Top Gear TV, usually leaves me feeling slightly numb and bewildered.  So even though I’m not one for typically ‘wowing’ at the different makes, shapes and styles of sportscar and transport in general, somehow the thought of future technology, Space Travel or perhaps Green Transport, could be ‘the ticket’ to get me just that little bit more interested.  Here’s a few ideas initially generated by artists.

And for those truck lovers amongst you, a missile on a silver painted washing up bottle lol  The cabin shape could be more ergonomically streamlined I think.

Thanks to a report on apparently some of these are supposed to be the ‘coolest’ of futuristic vechicles.

There’s more great ideas on the WebEcoist site regarding possible future travel modes.

Some of these start to look more like designs for Vacuum Cleaners rather than Cars !

You can’t beat a bit of out and out futuristic (not been built yet) imagined technology.  Can you imagine yourself travelling in these ?

It’s funny to think that Hanna-Barbera’s ‘The Jetsons’ which aired in the early sixties had us flying around in space for it’s view of the future.

For now I think I’ll stick to travelling by foot, but I loved this Jetsons style Clip of Future Travel. Any thoughts ?

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