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Jeremy Kool’s Paper Fox Project, with illustration from Mike Manalac.

February 13, 2012

A few months ago I became aware of Jeremy Kool in Melbourne, Australia.  He’s a clever animator and 3-D modeller who’s stylish, animated creations, appear to make origami sculptures come to life.  Here are some of the characters.

With the help of his sister, who’s writes children’s stories, they’re in the process of creating a children’s interactive adventure book in app form, for iPad and Android tablets.  Cleverly he asked people to sponsor his ideas to make the project happen and in return the sponsors got beautiful prints of the characters for their walls.  Here’s the main attraction in his papery landscape.

Already I think it looks amazing and feels so fresh.  More Characters here.

The response to the fund-raising went so well that Jeremy has been able to enlist the help of an environment concept artist Mike Manalac, to help provide the Fox and characters with some amazing landscapes to run around in.

Here’s a few samples of Mike’s work and beautiful dreamlike illustrations.

It’s great that Mike puts some of his sketchbook work on his blog too.

I can’t wait to see how ‘ Team Fox ‘ get along with the project and ultimately to also see the book and fox come to life. One to keep an eye on for sure.

On a different note, it’s been sooo cold here in old Blighty over the past few days, that we’ve even had the odd weather feature of freezing rain.  This is the name given to rain that falls when surface temperatures are below freezing. The raindrops become supercooled while passing through a sub-freezing layer of air, many hundred feet (or meters), just above the surface, and then freeze upon impact with any object they encounter. The resulting ice, called glaze, can accumulate to a thickness of several centimetres.  I took this picture of the plants in my garden to show you what I mean.

I know it’s nothing compared to what some other parts of the world are going through right now, but I just thought I’d share.  Keep warm guys n gals : )

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