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The Magic Garden , Wolverhampton. Foliage meet fantasy.

March 7, 2012

Last year I made a special journey to find The Magic Garden in Wolverhampton.

This idea is the brainchild of Bob Parker who together with his partner Greg Kowalczuk, created a place where you can escape into another world.

I had heard great things and wasn’t disappointed.  Whether it involves stone gremlins, celtic forms, animals or just a rich abundance of beautiful plant life, you can find something to draw you in.

The Magic Garden is a long narrow high walled space that the guys have cleverly divided up into smaller spaces, which give the visitor the illusion that the garden goes on and on. It is also jam packed with plants, sculptures and such an array of goodies that you will be visually feasting as you wander through.

They take part in The National Gardens Scheme and open up their enchanted space to the public to raise money for charity. A couple of times a year they also open the garden in the evening, offering a magnificent array of lanterns and candlelit garden alleyways. At this event there are so many hundreds of lights to turn on and candles to burn that it can take 2-3 hours just to prepare the garden for the event !

Then just when you think it’s ended…. there’s more !!

To date the Magic Garden has raised over £32,000 for different charities.  You can check out this years open dates here. The first one being April 28th 2012, it’s worth a visit . About £3 to get in, you can purchase some of Greg’s amazing home cooked cake as well and donate it all to a worthwhile charity … who can ask for more !

The Magic Garden, 43 Broad Lane, Bradmore, Wolverhampton, WV3 9BW, England.  

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