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Fishink . Running, (well walking) up that hill !

March 19, 2012

We had another great sunny interlude yesterday. To make the most of this I decided to stretch my legs, and take a different route walking up the road.  There’s a flock of pigeons who live on the way, who spend a long time each day, circling in spiral formations around the tree tops and then suddenly, after 10 laps in one direction they’ll dart and change their path in an instant and the whole pack responds as one. It’s quite magical to watch, especially when the sun catches the white of their wings, like a flash in the sky.

Walking further on, there were times when the sun was in my face or behind trees and branches. Highlighting the moss on the boughs, making it look like a bright green strip light fastened to the edge of the tree. I like the effects you can get taking pictures into the sun, and this gnarled old hawthorn tree looks like it’s trying to twist itself out of the earth.

There were some lovely views and I liked the way the colours seemed to be divided by the walls and pathways.

Lots of chirpy blackbirds and darting finches as well as the usual dark observers, watching over me !

This photo reminded me of some early card ideas I’d done a few years ago.

More card ideas on my  F I S H I N K website.

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