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Apak Studio and their fantastical worlds.

March 30, 2012

Aaron Piland and Ayumi Kajikawa Piland are the fantastical magical duo known as Apak.  They work collectively and separately as artists.  Aaron’s work is like this…

Whilst Ayumi’s work is like this…

They are a child-like husband and wife art team who live among the furry conifer giants in a little cottage on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. They create artwork together as a way exploring the beauty, mystery, and magic of life as well as expressing their love for life and each other.

They are known in particular for creating rich and colorful gouache/acrylic paintings on wood featuring the utopian lives and adventures of curious little beings living in lush fantastic environments surrounded by friendly little animals.

It is their goal to bring something fresh, beautiful, and meaningful into the world in hopes of inspiring the next generation to live simply, peacefully, and in harmony with nature and each other.  They work in 3-D forms too.

I like these little other wordly planets they’ve created.

They also reminds me of some photos I took a while ago, micro-planet environments perhaps !

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