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Tom Mabon Snow and Summer Artist

April 22, 2012

Tom Mabon works in the extremes of sun and snow.  In 2006 he was shortlisted for the prestigious Aspect Prize and won £5,000.

Tom is a principal art teacher at Fortrose Academy. He has been painting and exhibiting throughout his teaching career. His short-listed entry was ‘Glasgow at Sunrise,’ which was based on photographs and sketches he took during a visit to the city. He said “ I am quite delighted and quite surprised to be short-listed.  I liked the sunlight, the architecture and darkness of Glasgow. When you come down from the Highlands, it is a different environment in the city and that interests me ”.  “My work is quiet, peaceful, and representational, based on places I’ve been to or incidents that I have seen.”  Like these painting he created from a trip to Venice.

He captures the true feel of the landscape and isn’t afraid to show it in it’s true light, even if that sometimes happens to be pretty grey and dark !

Lovely to see a variety of styles and use of materials on his website.

His snow scenes are very calm and tranquil and I feel a quiet sense of being present, in the same moment as the artist, when looking at them.

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