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Hot Bed Press and Cow Lane Studios Open Day.

May 30, 2012

I must be loosing the plot at the moment because I thought I’d already blogged about the Fab open day I had at the Hot Bed Press and Cow Lane Studios a few weeks ago. HBPress is the largest open access print workshop in the region. With 155 members they provide specialist printmaking equipment and expertise in printmaking and related media, (such as bookmaking and now zines). Open 5 days a week, with technical support on hand and a wealth of courses available to experience new techniques and learn new skills. You can see how well laid out everything is.

I spoke to Izzy Verena one of the artists who has a studio space there. She finds it a great place to work and with other printmakers, designers and illustrators around, equally a place where she can ask other peoples advice and share her own knowledge too.

There was a small exhibition of some of the people presently working at the CowLane Studios which is in the next building. One printmaker whos creative style caught my eye was that of Elizabeth Willow. She lives and works in Liverpool, and has studied dance, psychology and fine art. Elizabeth’s practice combines elements of sculpture, installation, intervention, poetry and performance, and draws on diverse methods and techniques including flower-arranging, taxidermy, embroidery, dance and bookbinding. Her work is often inspired by myths and stories, and explores memory, longing and contradiction. I loved the way she laid out her stall.

Elizabeth also then became the demonstrator for the art of letter press printing. There is an incredible amount of hard work that goes into each printing plate. We tired printing our own book mark, and the plate with the lettering alone, took Elizabeth about a day to set up ! You can feel the passion she has for her work and her love of the art of printmaking by the way she talks about the processes involved. It was fascinating to watch.

Below is the plate we used (top left) of course it is reversed in order to visually print the correct way round, and my version (bottom right) of printing the bookmark.

I spoke to another artist David Lowther and we had a great discussion about colour and his desire to capture buildings in the right light at a certain time of the day. He had some lovely pieces of Manchester street scenes.

A couple of other pieces that caught my eye from the Bird House Press and Laurence Taylor.

Also a rather nice little fox card by Etcher Samuel Horsley.

Thanks to everyone who gave of their time to chat to me.

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  1. May 31, 2012 4:15 am

    wow. I wish there was something like that here in Sydney. What a beautiful space to work in

  2. May 31, 2012 10:42 pm

    hey thanks, I’ll have to check them out. Am keen on the Hamilton Type Museum too, you probably know of it? Looks amazing. It’s on the list for next year 🙂

    • June 1, 2012 9:11 am

      I’d not heard of that Museum but 40,000 sq feet of wood fun sounds like an exciting prospect to me. Take your camera and sketch pad with you and document it for us ! lol Good to hear you have a list, a great place to start. Happy weekend.

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