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Claire Loder Ceramics to make your head turn.

June 12, 2012

Claire Loder makes heads and faces.

Fascinated by the interesting composition or outline of a face, each piece of Claire’s work is an amalgamation of influences – people she meets, faces in print, previous works, sketches and drawings. She says ” I work with a wall of many images – photos, drawings, clippings, and photos of previous pieces in front of me as peripheral inspiration.  A new piece is formed where these ideas and images collide with the shape, texture and idiosyncrasies of the slab of clay in front of me. Some days the clay does all the work and an unknown and unplanned face will emerge. ”

Claire’s studio is based on a farm in a quiet area outside Bristol.

Claire says “I draw into the clay and draw with the clay to develop my subject; I’m looking for any oddity or asymmetry as the piece takes shape. I paint on wet clay; the clay becomes part of my pallet. My pieces are single fired. Language, written and spoken is a significant influence. I have a collection of well-thumbed wordbooks and favourite sites online plus sketchbooks and notebooks with gathered words and snippets. I listen to BBC Radio 4 in the studio, which is a fertile hunting ground. I’m fascinated by the workings of humour and comedy and the relationship between irreverence and solemnity.

One of my favourite parts of the making process is to sit down at the Internet with my reference books, and all the other collected words and ideas and start the hunt for titles. Although this marks the end of a cycle of work it’s also the beginning as I always discover fresh ideas for sculptures yet to make. ”

I love these images of old broken, but not forgotten heads in her parent’s garden. I would like some of these too, I wonder if they’d help keep the slugs out !

Inspired by Claire’s ceramics I sketched a few quick heads of my own.

More interesting information on Claire’s blog here and on the Telegraph website.

Claire just sent me a thank you for the blog and a self portrait … her style ! : )

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  1. June 13, 2012 6:12 pm

    These are cool. I like the one with glasses.

    • June 14, 2012 10:41 am

      Thanks David, rather unique to include them don’t you think lol

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