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Fishink Walks.

June 16, 2012

What a great day we had on wednesday this week. Sunny for three quarters of the day and then strong winds followed by torrential downpours. Fortunately for me, we got out walking in the first of the weather conditions and had a great day of it.  I don’t know why I labelled this walk as being Mottram as it’s really a path starting at Broadbottom Station and tracing Coombs Edge and via Charlesworth and back to Broadbottom.

It started with the remnants of the Jubilee celebrations and the striking poppies.

Past Broadbottom station and down a wooded path.

Down to a river, with amazing sunlit glades and golden glows in the water. No it’s not a river of tea, in case you wondered.

Stunning trees tower overhead.

Another day noticing greens and a chance lucky sighting of a family of Wrens.

Time for lunch already, and as if by magic there was a picnic bench. I was sitting watching people flying above me, insects crawling below me and grasses blowing in the warm breezes. Sandwiches never tasted so good lol

Back on the trail, a hen pecking hello to the big sheep, big brother is watching !

Spotting bird houses and tree houses, country lanes and fields of beautiful horses.

The start of the steep ascent, a walk to Coombs Edge.

Great views of the tiny landscape sprawling below. Looks like toytown in the country.

More sturdy looking sheep, high bridges and busy bees.

Down Boggard lane, which reminds me of JK Rowlings’ Boggarts : ) I’m sure that car just winked at me and soon we are back at the start of the journey with the sunlit poppies again.

A treat of a day.

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