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Fishink in Somerset Part 1

July 18, 2012

I spent last weekend in Somerset County (why do I always want to spell it with a Z lol ), starting in a little place for an overnight camping stop at Wookey Farm, and no the Des-Res place with air-con and double glazing (below) wasn’t part of the deal.

It was feeding time with the goats when we arrived. The pigs seemed rather happy, busying themselves making more muddy mess in their own enclosure.

It was extremely wet in the area, due to the high levels of rainfall and although the pigs didn’t bat an eyelid at the added level of ‘slurry’ in their pen, the local Ford crossing, in the meantime, had turned into a small tidal river.

We had arrived late afternoon, so the next stop was definitely somewhere for tea. In the nearby village of Wookey we came across the friendly staff at the Ring o’ Bells and grabbed a table warmed with early evening light. A pint of local cider and some rather tasty Puy lentil burgers later, and all was well with the world.

The next morning, after a dry nights sleep, we headed into Wookey to have a look around. The Church of St Matthew in Wookey, Somerset, England dates from the twelfth century and is a Grade I listed building.

I loved the almost Nordic looking green men on the gate house with their big noses and toothy fangs.

Some stunning stained glass windows too.

A beautiful little church. We then moved onto Wookey Hole, more recently famous for its kid’s attraction of the same name and local caves. I got to meet the local Witch, who kindly, happily posed for a photograph. Apparently the position of Witch is a much sought after position as you can see here in this pr stunt in 2009.  Local legend has it that the caves were home to the Wookey Witch who was turned to stone by Father Bernard, who had been appointed by the Abbot of Glastonbury to rid villagers of her curse. I hope she didn’t cast a spell on us because shortly afterwards a few odd things did start happening.

We came across some wild stampeding cattle down the high street, some rather strange signs and a flying dog ! lol

I should have guessed there was something funny going on when I saw the Harry Potteresque Sorting Hat roof on the Wookey Hole Hotel !

Further down the road was the beautiful village of Wedmore which in Old English probably means hunting lodge. There used to be a Saxon royal estate in the area. It’s a pretty rural village with some beautiful architectural details.

More to come in a couple of days.

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