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Laura Wood Enchanting children’s illustrator

August 13, 2012

Laura Wood is an illustrator in her early twenties, living in Melbourne, Australia. She has monsters in her head.

She is inspired by Mother Nature, which she describes as ‘an invisible and eternal presence that looks after our planet Earth’ along with rainy days, music and exciting briefs (of the work variety !). She admires people who are brave enough to do something different and unexpected from time to time. Laura herself moved from Italy after completing a Bachelor of Cinema and Multimedia she followed the little voice in her head to Australia and is attending a Diploma of Illustration at NMIT.

She has skills with maps.

She can put a fresh look to an old tale.

She takes allover print designs in her stride.

Makes song lyrics into interesting book covers,

and has even ventured into outer space. What more could you ask for !

I got in touch with Laura and she kindly answered some quick questions for us…

Who influences your style ?

My style is influenced by children’s books that I read when I was a child. Also, I like everything that is organic and rustic so I always try to recreate this in my illustrations.

What do you like to illustrate the most?

Monsters, nature, animals and flowers.

What do you find challenging in becoming an illustrator ?

Honestly, it’s difficult to choose just one. I guess the most challenging thing is to get people trust you enough to give you work. It is crucial to demonstrate you’re not just a creative person but also reliable and professional.

Any aims / ambitions ?

At the moment my ultimate goal as an illustrator is to live off this profession and make a living producing children’s books and other fun stuff.

What are you working on right now ?

Here’s an image of something I’ve just finished. It is a piece called “Blooming city” that I created for an exhibition called “This is Melbourne” which will part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival (see here). The exhibition will be taking place from September 26th to October 13th.

Wow that looks more like the UK than sunny Melbourne lol  You can also check out Laura’s blog here, for some great features on children’s book writing. Thanks to the visual diary for more info and if you like her work, you may also like the work of Meg Hunt I’ve blogged about before.

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