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Sarah Dennis Narrative Paper Cutting

September 4, 2012

Sarah Dennis is an artist who loves to tell a tale.

Based in Bristol, Sarah has an illustration degree and with a keen interest in narrative, drawing and collage, Sarah’s artwork is inspired by themes of nature and childhood. Her work combines traditional collage with contemporary techniques to create bold unique and stylised imagery.

Through large scale paper cut outs, she manages to express, not only a sense of understanding for her subject, but also reveal, the important elements that show the viewer what is happening at a given moment in time. Sarah says” Once I have an idea, I make a rough sketch of the composition. Then I draw straight on the paper that I will eventually cut. I try to capture the excitement and magic of a new idea as quickly as I can. Once the idea is formed, and I am confident with It, I boldly take to the paper with my craft knife and add the intricate detail.”  Interview here on ‘Tangled Fingers’ website.

Sarah has always been fascinated by oriental artwork and after a trip to Bristol museum, where she came across a Chinese paper craft exhibition, she was hooked. She’s inspired by artist Saelee Oh and the technical expertise of Elsa Mora. (For more info, there’s a fab list of fellow paper cutting artists on Elsa’s site)

Sarah’s tips for any artist starting out are ” Work in a medium that comes easily, don’t rush or compromise your work, be confident to share you work with clients, friends and art organisations. Don’t give up, be confident and enjoy yourself ! Personally, I would like to continue illustrating for books and would love to illustrate classic fairy tales and folks tales. I love producing work for exhibition’s and am constantly learning and developing, I hope to continue to grow and improve in my artwork, exhibiting at art fairs and gallery’s.”

Great work Sarah, keep cutting !

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  1. September 4, 2012 8:16 pm

    check out my friend Hannah…….think you’ll like it D

    • September 5, 2012 10:04 am

      Thanks David for the message. I’ll definitely have a look.

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