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Helen Shere’s handmade silver jewellery, travelling to the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.

September 26, 2012

I just wanted to remind you that The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair  is on in Manchester between the 4th and 7th of October 2012. I will be attending the show on the 5th and hopefully taking note of a few new names, faces and amazing artwork to show you whilst there. You can see what went on last year by looking here, here and here too.  One of the designers about the exhibit there is Helen Shere.

Helen is based in Nottingham where she has a studio and creates her jewellery from cutting and stamping silver sheet and wire. The collections are mainly in silver, with accents of copper and brass for colour and texture. Helen uses detailed pattern to draw on the surface of the silver, using techniques such as stamping and oxidising, creating an individual look and feel to the jewellery.

Helen told me ” I am a self taught jeweller and I tend to incorporate new techniques into my designs as my skill level develops. When I began making I looked for simple techniques which allowed me to be illustrative and found the work of contemporary paper cut artists such as Helen Musselwhite and Rob Ryan an inspiration. I was drawn to mid century illustration and contemporary illustrators who have been influenced by mid century styles. Pattern & fine detail also play a role in my jewellery.”  I really like the way that she composes her pieces, the score lines, to give added depth, the arrangement and subject matter are all pleasing to the eye.

She goes on to say ” As for the future, I want my work to evolve in a more three dimensional way. I have been experimenting making little boxes in the studio which I am keen to develop into finished items. More recently, I became interested in making things with moving parts. I would just love to make tiny automata which may or may not be wearable. I have a book of Heath Robinson’s ‘Contraptions’ which is a joy and if I could incorporate his sense of playfulness into a miniature delight, I would be a happy lady !”  I’m looking forward to seeing those too. Great work Helen and I’ll pop and say hello at the GNCCF on the 5th, the best of luck.

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