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Fishink Wintery Walks

December 17, 2012

It’s one of those beautiful cold crisp and frosty-fresh kind of days, so I took a walk up the road to experience it.

Fishinkblog 5265 Fishink Walks 1

The thought that went through my mind as I passed those berries was that they must either be poisonous to birds or there is still plenty of food around for them not to have stripped the branches bare. The frosty leaves looked amazing, particularly when the sun caught them and made them sparkle and glisten. I like the way it adds definition to the veins.

Fishinkblog 5266 Fishink Walks 2

The frost on the side of the path looked like someone has sprayed white paint over sections of the undergrowth. I hope everyone is keeping warm deep down in their burrows.

Fishinkblog 5267 Fishink Walks 3

The warming, yet softened light at midday was magical.

Fishinkblog 5268 Fishink Walks 4

As the day wore on, I watched the icy blue sky turn into a glorious refection of sugary candies.

Fishinkblog 5269 Fishink Walks 5

Even the moon is wonderful at this time of year. Now I just need to defrost my feet ! Brrr…. keep warm everyone.

Fishinkblog 5270 Fishink Walks 6

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