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Fishink in Munich Part 5. Toy Museum, Folk Museum and Robyn Gordon Sculptures.

January 13, 2013

Fishinkblog 5371 Munich 70

Munich’s (Spielzeugmuseum) Toy Museum was on my list of places to see.

Fishinkblog 5380 Munich 79a

The “museum” is just next to the Marienplatz and Market and is located in a special and historical old building, the old City-Hall tower. Perhaps a little overpriced for the four euros per adult and you do have to climb the spiral staircase to access each small room that the cased toys are displayed in, but overall I did enjoy the half hour that it took to look around. There were old tin toys.

Fishinkblog 5368 Munich 67 Fishinkblog 5370 Munich 69

Toys for Boys.

Fishinkblog 5369 Munich 68 Fishinkblog 5376 Munich 75 Fishinkblog 5379 Munich 78

Toys for girls, ok the red Indians got a bit lost here amongst all those Barbie dolls !

Fishinkblog 5374 Munich 73\

Fishinkblog 5375 Munich 74

Toys about Space.

Fishinkblog 5373 Munich 72 Fishinkblog 5372 Munich 71

Toys for all ages, from all ages.

Fishinkblog 5376 Munich 75 Fishinkblog 5377 Munich 76 Fishinkblog 5378 Munich 77

A few recognisable favourites too. I had to laugh when a couple came into one of the rooms with their small dog and it barked at the teddy bears in the glass case. They were so embarrassed they couldn’t make it stop, until they left the room. I did wonder what the dog was thinking.

Fishinkblog 5380 Munich 79

Outside and just around the corner is the Viktualienmarkt or Food market, with some lovely fountains… and tasty food too !

Fishinkblog 5381 Munich 80 Fishinkblog 5382 Munich 81 Fishinkblog 5383 Munich 82

Another place on my ‘to do’ list was the Staatliches Museum for Völkerkunde (Ethnology). It shows the similarities and differences between cultures from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, the Near and Middle East, the South Seas and Europe.

Fishinkblog 5385 Folk Museum 2

It was quite inspirational to see such beautifully crafted and decorated artefacts from so many countries all in one place. Visiting on a sunday you get to enter most of the Museum for just 1 Euro, a real bargain. There was so much to see, I tried to concentrate on animal imagery in my photographs, but kept getting distracted by the wealth of other interesting objects on show.

Fishinkblog 5384 Folk Museum 1

I liked the ‘gritted teeth’ facial expressions on these wooden warriors and the amazing detail in these carved door frames.

Fishinkblog 5386 Folk Museum 3

These Vessels from around Peru were lovely. Such quirky figures too.

Fishinkblog 5387 Folk Museum 4 Fishinkblog 5388 Folk Museum 5 Fishinkblog 5389 Folk Museum 6

Beautifully carved pieces from the colder regions.

Fishinkblog 5390 Folk Museum 7 Fishinkblog 5391 Folk Museum 8

These african characters were wonderfully expressive.

Fishinkblog 5392 Folk Museum 9 Fishinkblog 5393 Folk Museum 10

Well worth a trip, I even wondered if Jim Henson who created the Muppets had been there too. Can you see the similarity between his Big Bird and this African mask lol

Fishinkblog 5393 Folk Museum 10a

Joking aside, I thought this would be a great time to introduce to you the sculptural work of Robyn Gordon.

Fishinkblog 5395 Robyn Gordon 2

Robyn spends her time immersed in the culture and country of Africa, where she creates her wooden art pieces.

Fishinkblog 5394 Robyn Gordon 1

Robyn says ‘I am an artist living in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. As a child on the farm I loved the outdoors. I loved to touch and feel nature in my hands. The smoothness of acorns and pebbles, the roughness of pine bark, the hollowness of birds nests …. anything tactile under my fingertips. At a  young age I commandeered my mom’s unused carving chisels and I found that I could create many tactile qualities in the wood by chipping, gouging, whittling and sanding. This was a thrilling discovery!   Now I carve wooden totems and panels, incorporating wire, beads and found objects. Through my work I tell the story of my life in South Africa. The niche carvings hold objects that are of the land, symbols of Africa and symbols of my British ancestry. The totems “speak” of legends that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They are meditative pieces which bring me a great sense of peace. It is an added joy when other people feel this quality in my work.’

Fishinkblog 5397 Robyn Gordon 4 Fishinkblog 5396 Robyn Gordon 3

Art is Robyn’s passion and when she’s not creating art she’s thinking about it.

Fishinkblog 5398 Robyn Gordon 5

Proof of that comes in the form of Robyn’s great blog called Art Propelled or her site on Pinterest.

Fishinkblog 5399 Robyn Gordon 6

Robyn’s advice to anyone starting out as an artist today would be ‘ Experiment, Explore, Experiment, Explore! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Follow those inner nudges to do the art that calls out to you. If only I had had someone to tell me this when I was starting out. It took years before I lost (most of) the fear to create the art I wanted to create.’ Such beautiful and inspiring work.

The last part of the Munich posts following soon.

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  1. January 15, 2013 4:35 am

    Awesome !

  2. Wallace permalink
    January 17, 2013 3:46 pm

    Enjoyed the beauty and diversity of the pieces that caught your eye in the world

    • January 17, 2013 5:11 pm

      Many thanks Wallace, it was an enjoyable and inspirational place to visit. Appreciate the comments too

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