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Matt Kaufenberg Super hero Illustrator

April 5, 2013

Fishinkblog 5565 Matt Kaufenberg 1

I tracked down the wonderful contemporary illustrator Matt Kaufenberg currently living in Minnesota, and fired a few questions at him.

Can I ask your age and how you got into illustration in the first place ?  I’m 30 and I’ve pretty much been drawing since I can remember.

What attracts you by the era and style that your work depicts ?  I think the simplicity of designs from the 50’s and 60’s really speaks to me. The illustrations from that time period convey so much energy and playfulness and they do it with such minimal detail.

Fishinkblog 5567 Matt Kaufenberg 3

How long have you been drawing in this style ?  I’ve been developing this style for about 2 years.

Is illustration your full-time profession, if not what else helps to pay the bills ?  Freelance illustration is currently my full-time job.

I see that you’re attracted by super heros and well known characters Woody, Yogi, Spiderman etc have you ever thought to illustrate children’s comics or create animations of your own characters ?  Although I loved animation growing up, I never really wanted to be an animator. That’s starting to change though and i’m starting to dabble in Flash and After Effects.

Fishinkblog 5568 Matt Kaufenberg 4 Fishinkblog 5570 Matt Kaufenberg 6

What is in the pipeline for new projects this year, any fresh illustration that we’ve not seen yet that I can reveal in my blogpost or new ideas that you’ve not previously mentioned ?
I’ve got a children’s book that I’m very close to finishing as well as the 3rd issue of the all-ages comic book, Team S.L.U.G. I also have a few other big things that I’m not allowed to talk about just yet.

How do you go about giving your characters the retro look ? what stages are most important, colour ? texture ? subject ?  I think all of the stages are important, but I think it really comes down to simple, eye-pleasing shapes and color

Fishinkblog 5566 Matt Kaufenberg 2 Fishinkblog 5569 Matt Kaufenberg 5

Thanks Matt for giving us a quick insight into your illustrative world. Love the style keep up the great work.  Thanks for having me as a guest, great to be included in your blog. You can learn a little more about Matt from another interview I came across from last year here.

Fishinkblog 5571 Matt Kaufenberg 7

If you like more of a’comic feel’ to your illustration. you might like The Autumn Society. There’s plenty of links there too.

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