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Abner Graboff Continued

May 27, 2013

Fishinkblog 5909 Abner Graboff 1

I keep coming across illustrations by Abner Graboff that I’ve not seen before. He was such a talented and quirky illustrator that his work just makes me beam. Just look at ‘Blueberry the Bloodhound’  for starters, how can you keep your mouth from smiling !

Fishinkblog 5910 Abner Graboff 2

Or Please Don’t Feed Horace…. I love the doctor in his pinstripe green suit !

Fishinkblog 5919 Abner Graboff 12

Some sketchy illustrations

Fishinkblog 5911 Abner Graboff 3

Old Macdonald Had A Farm. Illustrated (1969)

Fishinkblog 5912 Abner Graboff 4

Weeks and Weeks by Mable Watts. (1962)

Fishinkblog 5913 Abner Graboff 5

The Sun Looks Down, by Miriam Schlein (1954)

Fishinkblog 5915 Abner Graboff 7

Fishinkblog 5914 Abner Graboff 6

Fishinkblog 5917 Abner Graboff 9 Fishinkblog 5918 Abner Graboff 10

Fishinkblog 5919 Abner Graboff 11

Fishinkblog 5919 Abner Graboff 13

Fishinkblog 5916 Abner Graboff 8

You can find more about Abner from an earlier posting here. Many thanks again to the wonderful Ward Jenkins at Wardomatic for his posts about Abner and for writing up the conversations he had with his son Jon Graboff all about his father’s life history. Thanks also to Stickers and Stuffhenrietta hanksAqua VelvetBook Cover Lover site for their images and constant reminders of his fabulous work.

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