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Fishink Original Artwork and Framed Prints.

June 14, 2013

Fishinkblog 6014 Fishink Artwork 1

An exciting end to the day yesterday when I opened a small ‘For Sale’ section on Fishink Facebook Page. Not only did I receive some lovely comments, I even had my first two sales Wow !!

Fishinkblog 6015 Fishink Artwork 2

Large framed prints (external frame size 10 x 12 inches) are priced at £25 and smaller framed prints ( 8 x 10 inches) are £20, (p&p £4 in the UK).

Fishinkblog 6016 Fishink Artwork 3

The original framed collage and painted artwork (8 x 10 inches) are £30 each (p&p £4 in the UK) and are all signed, uniquely individual pieces.

Fishinkblog 6017 Fishink Artwork 4

You can view and comment the range of prints on Facebook here and if you’d like to purchase any, then just drop me a line either through this blog, or email me at and we can chat further. Please do let your friends know and I’ll be adding more original work to the folder early next week. Keep watch !

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