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Fishink in Denbighshire, Ruthin Castle

July 3, 2013

I had an afternoon walk in Wales on sunday. The weather was quite windy but fortunately it didn’t rain, even though the skies kept threatening to. Starting off in the little village of Cyffylliog we walked from there, soon discovering a beautiful countryside trail following a river through the forest.

Fishinkblog 6102 Fishink in Denbighshire 1

I’ve not seen so many foxgloves in ages and the hills were curvaceous and laden with trees, very different to my recent walks in the Yorkshire Dales, not a dry stone wall in sight lol. I thought the signs we’re lovely, somehow reminding me of welsh folklore.

Fishinkblog 6103 Fishink in Denbighshire 2

It was a beautiful mix of forest trails and open pasture.

Fishinkblog 6104 Fishink in Denbighshire 3 Fishinkblog 6105 Fishink in Denbighshire 4

After the walk we stopped briefly in Ruthin.

Fishinkblog 6106 Fishink in Denbighshire 5

Continuing the a stroll up to Ruthin Castle Hotel.

Fishinkblog 6107 Fishink in Denbighshire 6

Open to the public for a walk, the grounds were very well kept and there were at least 7 peacocks and peahens, along with chicks ! A lovely (albeit noisy) surprise.

Fishinkblog 6108 Fishink in Denbighshire 7

There seemed to be secret passages and dungeons all over the place.

Fishinkblog 6109 Fishink in Denbighshire 8

Inside everything is rather grand and luxurious, tea rooms, bar area, reading rooms and are also a hotel who offers a full range of spa and relaxation therapies too.

Fishinkblog 6110 Fishink in Denbighshire 9

Wonderful formal gardens and even more elaborate century guards !! Well worth a wander : )

Fishinkblog 6111 Fishink in Denbighshire 10 Fishinkblog 6112 Fishink in Denbighshire 11

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  1. July 4, 2013 8:41 pm

    I always, always enjoy what your post. Whether art, design, illustrations, nature, it is always educational, inspiring and adds such joy to my day. A complete delight. Just by clicking on your Links, I believe there must be enough inspiration, color and pattern to keep me going for years, yet you keep finding more creative people and showcasing their work in such a respectful and admiring way. How shall I ever pull myself away from the computer? And your work is wonderful too.

    • July 5, 2013 7:31 am

      Hi there

      What a lovely comment, it really made me smile today so thank you for that. I’m so pleased to hear that I seem to be ‘in tune’ with what you like to peruse for that, after all, is my aim too.

      Great to hear that my research seems to be paying of, don’t get too square eyed but do keep tuning in : )

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