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Bernice Myers Illustrations from a working Illustrator.

July 6, 2013

More from the very talented Bernice Myers. This selection is mainly from the 50’s and 60’s, and it’s good to know that the very prolific Mrs Myers, some 60 books later, is still working ! I love the textures and animal shapes in this book.

Fishinkblog 5927 Bernice Myers 1

In contrast to this here’s a different style again, and did you know that Being Nice is lots of Fun ?  I really like the characters used here, amongst others Sociable Sue, Messy Bessie, Slowpoke Cyril, Cranky Conrad, Crabby Gert, Lonesome Lou, Polly Politeness, Stubborn Stan and Gentleman Johnnie, you can identify their characteristics straight away.

Fishinkblog 5929 Bernice Myers 3 Fishinkblog 5930 Bernice Myers 4

A more technical book but with Bernice’s touch of gentle humour, it makes learning facts less tedious.

Fishinkblog 5931 Bernice Myers 5

Fishinkblog 5934 Bernice Myers 8

A couple of famous books, I’m sure you’ll have seen around.

Fishinkblog 5932 Bernice Myers 6

This postman always reminds me of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau or Jacques Tati in Mon Oncle.

Fishinkblog 5933 Bernice Myers 7

Bernice has already appeared here and here previously on this blog. It seems we just can’t get enough of her 1950’s and 1960’s work. If anyone has any more images I’ve not featured already, I’d love to add them to this post.

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  1. July 6, 2013 5:20 pm

    Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful illustrator’s work (How could I have missed it?!) More books to collect!

    • July 9, 2013 9:57 am

      No problem Colin, perhaps you know of a few along the same lines that I don’t know of ? Please feel free to share some names if you do. Many thanks Craig

  2. sam permalink
    July 6, 2013 7:15 pm

    Hi, can i ask you something? You seem to know a lot about children books and illustrations. The thing is, I’m looking for children books with “scary” animal illustrations like the big bad wolf (or a fox) eating pigs (or seven kids or Red Riding hood or birds in Chicken Little) or being pictured with a fat stomach. Could be any other animal as well. I need it for my research. Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  3. Librarygirl permalink
    December 12, 2019 8:22 pm

    Love seeing these pictures! I wish I could get wallpaper with her artwork. How much fun would that be in a home!

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