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Menswear Catwalk Fashion 2014 from Paris, Milan and New York

July 17, 2013

Fishinkblog 6167 Menswear Prints 7

A few snippets of the latest fashion for men from designers like Kenzo and Gaultier. 2014 seems to be the year that Fashion designers are inspired by artists. There are strong graphical elements, combined with painterly, artistic mark-making.

Fishinkblog 6164 Menswear Prints 4 Fishinkblog 6165 Menswear Prints 5

Fishinkblog 6168 Menswear Prints 8

Gaultiers’ ‘cracks in the pavement’ print makes this bold statement, with a visual designers’ cut across the chest, to give this look it’s own individuality. Miyake looks at painterly washes in stripes and pointillism prints.

Fishinkblog 6163 Menswear Prints 3

Walter Van Beirendonck takes the idea of the figure being a canvas to an exaggerated level !

Fishinkblog 6169 Menswear Prints 9

Whilst Raf Simons goes down a more graphical advertising route.

Fishinkblog 6162 Menswear Prints 2

And of course Moschino always knows how to give that added ‘spark’ to any collection ! Great ideas.

Fishinkblog 6161 Menswear Prints 1

Many thanks to my friends over at Pattern Prints Journal for the inspiration for this post.

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