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Vintage Book Covers

November 11, 2013

Everyone seems to love a spot of vintage when it comes to book covers from the past. This little collection I’ve been gathering for a while now.  Inspired by the last Helen Borten post featuring her Halloween book, I’m now awaiting a copy of this Easter book illustrated by Ati Forberg to drop through my door. Let’s hope it’s as promising as the cover suggests.

Fishinkblog 6708 Vintage Kid's Books 1

A small splurge on the black covers.

Fishinkblog 6710 Vintage Kid's Books 3

A few textured covers thanks to the likes of Ed Emberley.

Fishinkblog 6711 Vintage Kid's Books 4

Circles seem to be popular.

Fishinkblog 6712 Vintage Kid's Books 5

Animals always create a second look when gracing a good cover.

Fishinkblog 6713 Vintage Kid's Books 6 Fishinkblog 6715 Vintage Kid's Books 8 Fishinkblog 6716 Vintage Kid's Books 9

A few snippets I couldn’t resist putting in here too from G. Porter, anyone know anymore about this artist ? and the wonderful John Burningham, thought it maybe nice to end on a few of his wonderful illustrations.

Fishinkblog 6717 Vintage Kid's Books 10 Fishinkblog 6718 Vintage Kid's Books 11

Fishinkblog 6719 Vintage Kid's Books 12

Fishinkblog 6720 Vintage Kid's Books 13

Hasn’t he just got a beautiful style. More Vintage fun to come in the week. Enjoy.

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