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Janusz Stanny Polish mid-century Illustration

January 8, 2014
Fishinkblog 6960a Janusz Stanny 12

Janusz Stanny, was born in 1932. He is a legend in the world of Polish book illustrators, as well as satirical, he studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the years 1951-1957. He graduated under prof. Henryk Tomaszewski. In the years 1960-1964 he was an assistant professor in the Laboratory of illustration, and from 1975 to his retirement in 2002, led the Design Studio Books at home faculty. In 1989, he received the title of professor. Here’s a few of his charming covers.

Fishinkblog 6953 Janusz Stanny 4

Rabbits with a gun, unusual to say the least !

Fishinkblog 6950 Janusz Stanny 1

He created a couple of hundred books. He made his debut in 1951 in “Pins” as a cartoonist. He published a drawing in “Around the World”, “World”, “Communications Cultural Rights”, recently in “Gazeta Wyborcza” and “Review”. He collaborated with many publishers as a consultant or graphic manager. He deals with graphics, drawings, posters, and is also a writer and author of animated films. However, the core of his work is an illustration.

Fishinkblog 6957 Janusz Stanny 8 Fishinkblog 6958 Janusz Stanny 9

He has to his credit several hundred illustrated items for children, such as in the field of classical literature (among others. “Fables” of La Fontaine, “Pan Tadeusz” by Adam Mickiewicz, “Fairy Tales” by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Promised Land” Reymont ).  Look at these fun and quirky drawings, I love his combination of the crayon and pen and ink characters.

Fishinkblog 6955 Janusz Stanny 6 Fishinkblog 6956 Janusz Stanny 7

Janusz has had many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He has won many awards in the field of book illustration (among others. “Premio Europeo” in Padua, Grand Prix illustrator art exhibition in Bologna, and a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Editorial Art (IBA) in Leipzig. His world must have been filled with men in Bowler hats as they feature prominently in his work.

Fishinkblog 6951 Janusz Stanny 2 Fishinkblog 6952 Janusz Stanny 3

He also created film posters.

Fishinkblog 6959 Janusz Stanny 10

And a few more wonderful book covers. A skilled and creative artist.

Fishinkblog 6960 Janusz Stanny 11

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