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Chinese Artists Chen Yuping, Hao Boyi, Hu Yongkai, Zhou Sheng Hua

February 17, 2014

I now have over 150 blog followers who subscribe to my blog and get notified each time I post something, you too can sign up using the button on the right of my post under the prompt ‘Follow Blog Via Email’. One of these followers has a blog which I also follow called Cuaderno de Retazos or Patchwork Notebook as the translation goes. They have an amazing knowledge of Eastern art and a huge listing of Chinese Artists whom I know very little about. I decided to look into the work of just a couple for today’s post.

The first being the work of  Zhou Sheng Hua He is one of the most famous chinese modern woodcut artists. He’s part of  The Great Northern Wilderness School of Prints.  Sadly he passed away when he was only 49.

Fishinkblog 7117 Chineses Art 1

He has amazing control over his lines and a keen understanding and appreciation of the landscape that surrounds him. Looking at these prints you gather a sense of the solitude and silence that accompanies this way of life.

Fishinkblog 7118 Chineses Art 2

The next artist is Chen Yuping, born in 1947, and who came to art quite late in his life.

Fishinkblog 7119 Chineses Art 3

He had studied Hydraulic Engineering and worked as a hydraulic technician in the transformation of the “Great Northern Waste Land” into an agricultural centre. In 1973, he had begun to dabble in printmaking and in 1983 the hobby turned into his new profession, after he had completed a course in printmaking at the CAFA (Chinese Academy of Fine Arts) in Beijing. Since then, he has made his way inside and outside of China.

Fishinkblog 7120 Chineses Art 4

His usual edition is around 100, relatively high for a printmaking artist in China, where a commercial market has not been existing until only a few years ago. It shows the appreciation that he has been enjoying in China and elsewhere since the 1980s. His work uses such strong and vivid colours. Chen Yuping works in the traditional woodblock technique and uses oil-based inks.

Fishinkblog 7121 Chineses Art 5

The next artist is Hao Boyi who is the leading artist of the Bei Da Huang Art School. Bei Da Huang is a remote province in the North-East of China, known as the former wastelands. In the 1950s hundred thousands of young Chinese were sent to this remote province to transform the wasteland into an agricultural area.

Fishinkblog 7122 Chineses Art 6

The art style of Bei Da Huang artists is characterized by the landscape and the experience of its cultivation. Bei-Da-Huang is an area of huge plains with cold and clear nights. Chinese people say that even the night sky has a different colour which is often a dark intensive blue.

Fishinkblog 7123 Chineses Art 7

Hao Boyi’s art works reflect the nature of his home province to an incredible perfection. On some of his images you can virtually feel the cold. On others you seem to experience the warmth that comes in spring time and brings nature back to life. Bei-Da-Huang has even a short cherry blossom season. His birds and the use of palms, stems and leaves becomes almost textural, there is a lovely serenity here too.

 Fishinkblog 7124 Chineses Art 8
And lastly a slightly more contemporary feel to the work of Hu Yongkai, who was born in Beijing in 1945.
Fishinkblog 7126 Chineses Art 10
He is now member of the Chinese and Hong Kong Artists Association and council member of the Chinese Artists Association of the United States of America. He was a lecturer of the College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University. He has held many solo exhibitions in U.S.A., China, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany, as well as participated in Tokyo Art Expo’ Art Asia, Singapore Tresors and Miami Art Expo’
Fishinkblog 7127 Chineses Art 11
Hu has formed his own persomal style by mixing oriental arts with western arts to express the traditional Chinese culture and his paintings are characterized by his passion for the native place and history. The emotion and rhythm of his works are full of artistic appeal. I love his nostalgic nod to times when ladies lay around washing their hair in pools, relaxing with their caged birds or playing music in the hot sunny afternoons. I hope you enjoyed this brief trip into the world of Chinese art.
Many thanks again to my kind follower over at Cuaderno de Retazos, (do check out the site) and keep up the wonderful work.
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  1. Wallace permalink
    February 17, 2014 11:01 am

    Really enjoyed the serenity of the winter woodcut prints, quite different from your usual blogs.

    • February 17, 2014 12:05 pm

      Thanks Wallace, yes I thought it was different too. I’m hoping to feature more throughout the year.

  2. February 18, 2014 9:22 am

    What a pleasant surprise Thanks for your words, not if 🙂 is all deserve hornor. I admire the work you do and I enjoy it very much.

    • February 18, 2014 9:33 am

      My pleasure, you work hard too and introduce me to new art all the time. A welcome addition to the work on my blog I feel lol Thanks again for your continued efforts.

  3. February 18, 2014 10:40 am

    Great showcase of talented artist, I really like the third piece of art of Zhou Sheng Hua, the winter woodland, the line work of the trees is really lovely.

    • February 18, 2014 10:47 am

      Thanks for your comment, Yes he certainly has an eye for how to capture the look and feel of nature.

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