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Fishink Travels. The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

March 5, 2014

Fishinkblog 7237 The Walker Art Gallery 3Fishinkblog 7242 The Walker Art Gallery 8

What does this yellow pidgeon, the Mona Lisa and Banksy have in common ? Well I bet you didn’t know, but you can find all three at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool at the moment ! I took a trip there last sunday, and I must say I’m not usually a big fan of sculptures, but there was a certain charm with Harriet Hosmer’s version of ‘Puck’ from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There were a few more angelic faces to keep him company.

Fishinkblog 7235 The Walker Art Gallery 1

Some great textures in the hair of John Gibson’s sculptures, and just check out that facial hair ! Oddly impressive lol

Fishinkblog 7236 The Walker Art Gallery 2

It’s easy to get a little spooked out with a room full of faces and figures so we moved onto see some of the paintings.

Fishinkblog 7238 The Walker Art Gallery 4

We learned a lot from one of the gallery staff, who showed us their version of the Mona Lisa, the Walker has dated this painting between 1630 and 1660. I didn’t realise there were so many similar yet different versions, more info here. In case the Mona Lisa didn’t catch your eye, I’m sure the richly carved frame would do the trick !

Fishinkblog 7240 The Walker Art Gallery 6

I didn’t catch the maker of this wonderful cat throne but liked its regal and quirky stance.

Fishinkblog 7241 The Walker Art Gallery 7

Wonderful use of coloured wallpapers really add something to the walls and compliment the work.. even when the customers try to clash !

Fishinkblog 7239 The Walker Art Gallery 5

A few ceramics and another story about the artist Banksy who paid the Walker a visit and was so impressed with it that he offered to loan them a piece of his own creation. They gladly accepted and again it sits quite happily nestled in amongst the Turners, Rembrants and Pre Raphaelites. When viewed from a distance the pixelated face becomes a real one again. Quite clever !

Fishinkblog 7243 The Walker Art Gallery 9

If you’re planning a day out in Liverpool the Walker is always worth popping in, even if it’s just to eat some of their lovely home made cakes… which of course I would never do : )

Blog update… sadly I believe the Banksy has now moved onto pastures new. Gosh you have to be quick !!

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