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Fishink at The Hepworth, Wakefield. Sculpture, Paintings and More.

April 11, 2014

Welcome to the end of the week.. are you glad to get here ? I have two friday findings that I’d like to initially mention.

Firstly a HUGE vote of thanks to the lovely Claire Ireland, whom I blogged about three weeks ago. Claire makes the wildest range of ceramic creatures that I’ve seen for ages, and as a thank you to me for writing about her, she very kindly sent me a Saggar Beast of my very own !! How excited was I to open the box yesterday and see him wrapped up in his bubble wrap nest : )

I’ve called him ‘Humphrey’ as I think it kind of fits the bill and he’s already taking pride of place on my studio fireplace. He hasn’t said anything yet but perhaps the journey has rendered him speechless… time will tell ! Many, many thanks Claire for your thoughtfulness, he will be loved.

Fishinkblog 7470 Claire Ireland Beast

Secondly I’d like to ask all artists who read my blog, to consider contributing an hour of their time, in creating a postcard piece of artwork for a worthy cause.

The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum are looking for artists to create and donate a postcard, (artwork size 14 x 10.5 cms) to support a gala fundraising night for the gallery. The sale night will be held on the 1st of May, 6.15 – 9pm. There will also be a pre-sale viewing on April the 30th, 10 – 5pm. The deadline for submissions is the 22nd of April, the decorated postcard should be left anonymous on the front with just the reverse signed and completed, with your email address and the title and medium used.

Please send your postcards to;

The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum,

Slatey Road, Birkenhead, CH43, 5UE. Great Britain.

For event details Email; Laura Weston, and Jacqui Chapman,

This place was one of the great little treasures that I would visit in my youth and like many places today, it’s struggling to keep open. The fundraising event will hopefully help them ‘stay afloat’ so please send them something. Don’t forget the deadline is only 12 days away, please pass this onto as many friends who might also contribute too. Tweet Too !  Many thanks.

The Williamson


I know that the talented Christopher Brown has already made some great contributions to this worthy fundraising event.

Fishinkblog 7471 Christopher Brown

Ok onto the main blog story for today….

Fishinkblog 7385 The Hepworth 16

Two Sundays ago we travelled over to Wakefield to The Hepworth, the northern tribute to Sculptor Barbara Hepworth. This musem opened on 21 May 2011 in the city where Hepworth was born and grew up. It had over 500,000 visitors in its first year of opening and, on 5 December 2013, celebrated its millionth visitor. I did find the tinted grey concrete exterior a little austere, but also dramatic in it’s approach.

Fishinkblog 7363 The Hepworth 1

Initially you’re treated to work by fellow sculptor Henry Moore. I loved seeing this little girl drawing one of the pieces.

Fishinkblog 7364 The Hepworth 2

The next room was a collection of mother and child or two figures sculptures. How wonderfully the pieces fit together.

Fishinkblog 7365 The Hepworth 3 Fishinkblog 7366 The Hepworth 4

There was a fascinating room with a whole host of other artists work. Some lovely Paolozzi, like this collage which really caught my eye.

Fishinkblog 7367 The Hepworth 5

The gallery then covers more about Barbara’s work. Her tools, how she formed her work, the mediums she used etc.

Fishinkblog 7368 The Hepworth 6

Lovely to see images of Barbara working on pieces and the different stages of the forms taking shape.

Fishinkblog 7369 The Hepworth 7 Fishinkblog 7370 The Hepworth 8

I loved the light in the gallery and seeing her sculptures grouped together.

Fishinkblog 7371 The Hepworth 9

I also enjoyed looking through them to capture other shapes and aspects too.

Fishinkblog 7372 The Hepworth 10 Fishinkblog 7373 The Hepworth 11 Fishinkblog 7374 The Hepworth 12

Don’t forget that it’s not only the sculptures that make for an interesting gallery trip : )

Fishinkblog 7375 The Hepworth 13

Finally there was another sculpture exhibition by Erika Vogt (which to be honest didn’t do very much for me), but the walls of the building were amazing… (sorry).. and Erika’s prints/ textiles and film show was also worth a look.

Fishinkblog 7383 The Hepworth 14 Fishinkblog 7384 The Hepworth 15

There is also the St Ives, Barbara Hepworth Museum which was opened in 1976 by Hepworth’s family, following the wishes expressed in her will. The Museum has been owned and run by the Tate since 1980. It contains the largest group of Hepworth’s works, permanently on display at Trewyn Studio and garden where she lived and worked from 1949 until her death in 1975.

More detailed info about Barbara Hepworth over on this website here.  All in all a grand day out, (Gromit !)

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