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Jeremy Norton Fine artist, Illustrator, Character creator and painter of memories.

May 12, 2014

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I first saw this floppy eared dog of Jeremy Nortons as a banner on an art site on facebook and it captured my attention straight away. I then started researching into the wealth of fine art paintings, Prints and characters that he creates. Discovering a whole world of amazing work, I got in touch to find out a little more.

I gather that you are originally from the UK and trained in Fine Art here but then moved to Barcelona where you work as a combined fine artist and digital media artist ?
I’m a fine artist and a commercial illustrator working digitally but also a graphic designer as well.  Illustration is my main focus now, I’m a Brit who’s been here in Barcelona for 9 years.

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From these playful characters to some lively, colourful paintings.

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Do you have a preferred medium to work in and if so why ?
Digital is my preferred medium and was from the first time I tried it. I’ve been using digital media since it’s first appearance on the personal computer in the 1980’s. I had a beta version of Photoshop V1 in 1989! Above all I was attracted to it’s immense possibility and flexibility. From the outset for me it has always been the best and fastest way of making my ideas real.
Would it take you longer to paint a traditional style painting (depending on the size obviously) than it would to create something the same size online. ?
Most definitely it would take a lot longer with conventional media. That’s the computers great advantage: speed..that and the undo button. You are presented with the opportunity of doing numerous versions on the same theme without losing anything you’ve already done. Exploring and pushing much further than you could with conventional media. So it’s as much about creative possibilities as it is about speed.

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Where do you travel for inspiration for your fine art work ? does it come from sketchbooks or photographs etc ?
My fine art work (which is mainly abstract ) is very personal and is very much a reflection of my life experiences and emotional response to art, painting and the natural world. I work spontaneously and intuitively without any studies or pre-planning. All is done in the moment, This area is perhaps where I would like to return to conventional painting and throw some paint around again.

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I see that you’ve included a few book covers on your site. What plans do you have for the future or are there any remaining areas that you would still like to work in. (children’s picture books etc ?)

My plans for the future include both writing and illustrating my own ideas for children’s books, concept illustration for TV and film and returning to canvas for my fine art work.

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I imagine the sense of light is pretty different and pretty amazing to that you would have experienced back in the UK. Can you describe what gets you excited about working there.
The light in the mediterranean has affected my work a lot. Colour and light have always been my great loves but it has been pushed into the forefront of my work since living here. To be an artist and not be affected by your surroundings is unthinkable. Barcelona is a great cultural hub, perhaps not in the same league as Paris or London but it is now a cross-roads of European culture but with a relaxed town feel to it. It has thousands of foreigners living in the city now injecting a great variety of arts, business and creative ideas to modern forward thinking Catalunya.
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Any people / names who feature largely on your inspirational list ?
My creative output has a variety of influences from both Western and Eastern Art, figurative and abstract. In my fine art I am inspired by the landscape of Catalunya, Persian miniatures and 20th century abstract paintings of the New York School. In my illustration very much by animation both classic Disney and modern 3D movies, also Turner, Rembrandt, Titian, impressionist painting and classic 20th century photography and films.
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I was captivated by these beautiful sunny series of images you created around kids running and swimming with dogs. These look so much like they could be from your own memories or photographs from your childhood.. am I close ? lol
They reflect my experience of being a child growing up without being specifically auto-biographical. The essence is in the mood and emotion; of joy, adventure and discovery – Universal feelings that most people share when they’re young. I was an imaginative and prolific painter and drawer as a child and I want to portray that sense of wonder in the world that I had then and hopefully still have.

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If you already long for more of Jeremy’s work, check out his site.

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  1. May 12, 2014 10:07 pm

    Beautiful, moody, lively, introspective. What fantastic work he does, extremely talented.

  2. May 13, 2014 8:13 pm

    I like your optimism : )

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