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Shigeya Yamamoto Water-colouring the world around him.

May 16, 2014

Shigeyay Yamamoto is from Japan. Born around 1964, he’s got an amazing eye for watercolour detail and can capture light or illustrate a season with a real flair !

Fishinkblog 7526 Shigeya Yamamoto 1 Fishinkblog 7527 Shigeya Yamamoto 2

He is a whizz with people too, look at these endearing illustrations of children playing together.

Fishinkblog 7528 Shigeya Yamamoto 3

You can easily see how his little sketches then come to life and transform into pages from a book.

Fishinkblog 7529 Shigeya Yamamoto 4

Also a keen sportsman and band member, Shigeya illustrates his passions for advertising and promotional literature.

Fishinkblog 7530 Shigeya Yamamoto 5 Fishinkblog 7531 Shigeya Yamamoto 6

How beautifully observed are these small ensembles ?

Fishinkblog 7532 Shigeya Yamamoto 7

My favourite is definitely Shigeya’s use of colour and how he depicts light. Soft warm sunlit tones caress these roads.

Fishinkblog 7532 Shigeya Yamamoto 8

You can sense the flutter of cherry blossom in the air here too.

Fishinkblog 7532 Shigeya Yamamoto 9

And hear the scrunch of frosty snow underfoot.

Fishinkblog 7532 Shigeya Yamamoto 10 Fishinkblog 7532 Shigeya Yamamoto 11 Fishinkblog 7532 Shigeya Yamamoto 12

Uplifting and quietly expressive work here. Delicate water-coloured postcards from Shigeya’s world. Many thanks for sharing them with us and letting them brighten our day too. More examples here.

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  1. May 16, 2014 9:48 am

    Marvellously talented artist !

  2. May 18, 2014 11:58 pm

    I have never, ever in my life seen watercolors such as these! One moment they are dramatic (love the black night sky/city lights) and Impressionistic and the next moment they are detailed and realistic. The line drawings are so simple, yet they catch playfulness of the children. A master of light, and shadow, color. Just fantastic, so talented. Each one I looked at, I thought, “I like this one best… and then I would see the next one, and have the same thought. I went to his web site… my computer would not translate… is there a way to order any postcards? (probably all I could afford).

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