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RNCM Craft Event Manchester

June 9, 2014

Fishinkblog 7684 RNCM 11

Yesterday I spent a cultured day at a craft event organised at the Royal Northern College of Music on Oxford road, Manchester. It’s a fantastic building and wonderful venue for the event. Entertained by a very talented harpist for a couple of hours was a rare treat too.

Fishinkblog 7679 RNCM 6

Here was my stand, you can find more of my stationery range on my Fishink site.

Fishinkblog 7680 RNCM 7

I chatted to quite a few of the other designer makers and of course took a few images to share with you too. Ian Nash, had a lovely collection of Ceramic forms. His company INCeramics is based near to Warrington and with his black and yellow range, where I saw a slight touch of the 1950’s.

Fishinkblog 7674 RNCM 1

Emma Brown Owl who graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2010, had put together a charming collection of contemporary seaside ephemera. Birds, badges and Whitby featured in illustrative abundance. The stand looked great and the stripy cloth somehow gave it even more of a beach / coastal feel.

Fishinkblog 7675 RNCM 2 Fishinkblog 7676 RNCM 3

Sally from Bower Bird had a great double-length stall, full of sanded and treated driftwood sculptures. Boats, birds and other animals formed a visual treat for the lover of natural woods and pieces with a nautical feel. For more info and commissions you can contact

Fishinkblog 7677 RNCM 4

These driftwood boats looked even more impressive when all together.

Fishinkblog 7678 RNCM 5

One of the most impressive and well considered stands was that of Jill McCarthy and her Button Boudoir display. Inspired by old nature Observer and Ladybird Books, Jill had put together a wonderful array of bird and butterfly inspired items that followed a well considered palette from that era. They looked great all together and Jill had a 50’s style bird print skirt which completed the picture so well.

Fishinkblog 7681 RNCM 8 Fishinkblog 7682 RNCM 9 Fishinkblog 7683 RNCM 10

Also fab to see Sally Newall and her beautiful range of lampshades and hand printed notebooks again, we last met at the LNCCF back in April.

Sadly a quiet day for customers and takings alike but the cheery other designers and general setting and ambiance certainly helped.

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  1. June 18, 2014 2:02 pm

    Jill’s jewelry and Sally’s work are my favorites. Thank you for taking the time to get all these shots of other’s work. I remember you said you might not be able to get away from your table… Sorry there weren’t more customers, I know it’s quite the undertaking to haul all of one’s work somewhere, set it up and then sit and wait. But we got to see it, didn’t we!

    • June 18, 2014 2:12 pm

      Thanks, yes disappointing in terms of sales and customers but that was across the exhibitors, so I couldn’t take it personally lol There must have been about 40 people that came in all day ! Lovely work tho.

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